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Lonnie C. Edwards M.D. - Spiritual Laws That Govern Humanity and the Universe

Type: Boeken

God has created laws by which the universe is governed. Humanity has continued to set these laws into creative motion through thoughts, prayers, motives, intentions, voices, and beliefs. These are the right tools. In this book the student will learn how to use them always for the good.

Human beings are responsible for creating the good, the beautiful, and the true - all of which we desire to experience. But humans are also responsible for creating that which we do not desire to experience. However, being co-creators with God, the quality of our thoughts, beliefs, and intention will determine and manifest our world. There is work to do, and those who are on the path with knowledge of God's attributes and God's laws, and with love and good will in their hearts, will do that work. This is your guide to put these concepts into practice in our troubeled world today!

Prijs (incl. BTW): € 14,95

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